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Welcome Bonus EuroCasinoBet

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This is the first bonus a new player is entitled to get after registering and making first deposit in EuroCasinoBet( euroStars) casino game suite. Welcome bonus occurs once in a player’s life in us casino. We mean this is a one-time transaction bonus on your first deposit and EuroCasinoBet uses this bonus as a way of saying ‘welcome or hello’ to new players.

If you just registered in EuroCasinoBet, you will get 100% bonus on your first deposit up to a maximum deposit of €200. For example, if you deposit €200 you get €200, – and the balance of your account will be credited with an amount of €400. Don’t forget that the minimum deposit amount is €20 and the maximum allowed deposit is €500.

Be aware that in the case of your deposit is greater than the Max deposit allowed for this bonus, the remaining balance of your deposit will be rewarded with the following bonus and so on to the rest of your deposit.

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