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Very profitable lottery scams between 2015 and 2017

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The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has made a detailed study of the lottery related scams of 2015 to 2017. This study showed that almost 500,000 Americans and Canadians are fooled and have collectively paid hundreds of millions of dollars thinking they would eventually get the promised gains. Because some people are too shy to talk about the public, the association is of the opinion that the number of victims is much larger.

A surprisingly advantageous process

There will always be people willing to do anything to take advantage of the naivety of others. The BBB has recently dealt with a serious problem: that of scams with fake lottery prizes. The principle is simple (although the roads are alternating): the con man contacts his future victim by him to believe that he won a prize in the lottery, more or less important depending on the case.

The contact can be made via e-mail, sms or telephone. The phone offers a more credible approach, particularly for the elderly.

After trusted the victim, work for weeks at a time, the body agrees to the payment of the tax of the revenue in advance, in order to receive the payment. On average, each victim gets ripped off $ 500, but some have lost much more. The sad record of man is a man of over 80, Ted, who lost almost $ 8 million by means of these processes.

Between 2015 and 2017, more than $ 344 million euros were stolen. The album was recorded in 2015 with € 129,200,444 of losses.

Fraudsters in particular focus on the elderly

Although the profiles of the victims is very diverse, most of them are elderly. The reason for this is that the fraudsters are hoping to find in this people Alzheimer’s patients or other diseases limiting the intellectual capacities.

In addition, the loneliness that sometimes accompanies these people (who for example lost their husband / wife) is that they are looking for contacts. If the scammers are patient enough to maintain a relationship phone, the “proceeds” is better. The victim feels “close” to the fraudster and is ultimately more likely to trust him.

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