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Strange Bingo Superstitions: What Do You Have?

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Online players are just the same. Of doing laps around the room circling their office chair in almost ritualistic fervor, their superstitions are just as interesting to read about. Here we take a closer look.


the Chances are if you ever had the chance to check out online bingo you have probably done out of your home or office. There, in that little quiet place of refuge, you will undoubtedly have a desk to work and play. For many online bingo players is the seat though, which is central to their main superstitions.

Some players like to perch on the side of a bank, some are of the opinion that the kitchen table is more fortunate, others in the bath. Then there is the office and the various seating arrangements, you can now.

See where you sit as a lucky superstition is nothing new to the bingo world, bingo hall players have been in the same place for many years – some to the point of feeling as if the space actually belongs to them.


Clearly, bingo is a game of numbers and figures in the heart of the most part of superstitions that go with the game. Designed for many years of play and many rounds of bingo, many of the players recognize the particular numbers as signals of happiness and fortune.

Some players even choose to have the tickets solely on the basis of the songs that they like, which in most cases, they associate or avoid as a result of a past wins and losses. That’s how far this superstition goes!

Jewelry and Charms

next is the idea of charms and trinkets, such as the wearing of certain jewelry, a T-shirt or something in your hand, while the numbers are called. What is surprising is that the majority of these ‘charms’ and the expected 4-leafed clover, and other success-related images, but objects are a lot more random and specific to the player.

A pet, for many people, it is also something considered by many as lucky, a bingo player. You’d be alarmed the amount of bingo fans that can’t play a game without that their cat was somewhere in the neighborhood.

Other Rituals

Seats, charms and figures aside, what other types of rituals do bingo players love in the hope of hitting it lucky and win the jackpot?

Other strange and interesting forms of superstition are spending a certain amount and the purchase of only a certain number of cards, never leaving the room they are to play, only to play in certain games if a friend of them is present and even drinking or eating certain foods while a game is.

Recognize any of these forms of superstition in the way that you choose to take the approach of playing online bingo? Rest easy as, thanks to the previously mentioned, you now know that you are definitely not alone.

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