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Pokerstars brings £100 million in the game for the perfect 2018 world cup forecast

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Pokerstars has decided to launch a special promotion with $ 100 million to win the next World Cup be held in Russia this year. To win this dazzling prize, simply predict each result of the 64 games that will take place, simply by choosing between victory, defeat or draw.

A great price

The communication of this promotion is very effective. Indeed, with a top prize of € 100 million has the gift of catching the attention of an individual. But before he that Pokerstars is incredibly generous, or crazy, you have to go to the probability of the prediction of each outcome. It is almost nil.

However, almost zero does not mean impossible, and £100 million will be given if there is a win. If several people are the perfect prediction, the money will be divided between them. If there is no forecast is perfect, the winner will be the one that is closest to. Note that this winner is not the £100 million, but a £ 10,000 clearing price, and a Platinum Pass for the Pokerstars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC), a tournament held in the Bahamas. This Platinum Pass is the equivalent of $ 30,000.

In the end, the 1,000 players who are the closest to the perfect prognosis will be rewarded with variable prices. Nothing, that is close to the 100 million pound of course, but compensations, such as tournament tickets on Pokerstars for example. What to return to the online poker site to spend his rewards!

Unfortunately for many, this is € 100 million on the competition is limited to the residents of a small number of countries, namely the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. All other countries are excluded.

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