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Floyd Mayweather Shows Winning Royal Flush on the $101,250 in Las Vegas

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Floyd Mayweather recently made a name for himself by posting a photo on Instagram that a $ 101,250 win in video poker with a royal flush! The most successful boxer in history was to travel to a casino of Vegas, and again showed his love for gambling.

A small jackpot for the champion

Floyd Mayweather is known as one of the most appreciative sports gamblers. Living in Las Vegas, the boxer addressed video poker machine – a Ten-Play Draw Poker – by the bets of the maximum bet of $ 125 a hand. If this machine can be up to 10 hands at the same time, the gambler bet $ 1,250 at a time.

Mayweather managed to crack the game by touching a royal flush, the meaning of a $ 101,250 win.

As always, Mayweather was keen to show on social media, says he started the evening with $ 20,000 before hitting the jackpot. To be honest, Mayweather, who earns $ 100,000 is the equivalent of the common $ 10 winner: it’s fun, but it is not change your life.

Mayweather, the richest boxer in history. He won more than $ 1 billion in his career, and has impressive statistics of 50 wins for 0 losses.His last fight was against UFC specialist Conor McGregor.His fight against Manny Pacquiao , had led to more than $ 600 million, of which $ 260 million into the pockets of the champion.

This year, he hinted that he would take part in the UFC competition and win more than $ 1 billion, with three or four fights. The chances are that he is in this competition is almost zero, but we’ll never know … If this happens, the bookmakers considered for the first time in his career as an outsider.

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